Llaud Norfeu 25 Fisherman

Llaud type vessel built in polyester resin and fiberglass, making it watertight cameras unsinkable approved by the CE.
The llaud difference in the way of the bow is released and thus avoid possible sprays of the sea when sailing with the wind also adding their own style, also the width of the hull (kidney) makes it more stable and does not swing both.

The Norfeu  25 Fisherman is with the entire deck fore and aft, with baked barracks above the deck.

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Details - Llaut Norfeu 25

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Features: Standard Equipment: Optional:
Total Length 5,35 Mts. Motor of 17 on 33hp Difference promotes engine
Total Beam 2,04 Mts. Deposit Fuel 33Lts. Tent (Bimini)
Depth 0,45 Mts. Electrical installation 12v. Stairs of bath
Capacity for 5 persons Stick of inox with light any horizon Shower
Weight 750 Kg. Picture of indicators of the engine I remove CD with marine loudspeakers
Category of design C Picture of switches and plug Probe GPSs
  1 Battery of 75A Double battery
  Switch of battery of 1 position Closing for the barracks
  Railings of inox in both sides of 2,20 mts. c/u  
  Lever of controls in the stern  
  Box of the anchor in the prow  
  Choice of the colors of the ship  

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