Shipyards – Naval Constructions


We build all types of tailored polyester ships and we have a range of Llaud constructions made in series, with a few changes in comparison with the typical Llaud. We preserve the line and nostalgia of said models, but we have improved them with a few changes to make sailing more comfortable and practical in a search for the classic combination with modernity. Although we produce these constructions in series, we can make the changes you desire to customise your boat, since, as we are builders, we can modify them without any problems.

We also make any type of polyester and wooden repair. We travel to the site of repair, restoring old craft, water-proofing refrigeration chambers, painting automobiles, painting boats, varnishes, stainless steel, mechanics, electricity, electronics, tanks, material sales, etc... 

Part of our facilities are designed to winterise boats, trailers and motorhomes.

Astiller Norfeu Construccions Navals