Shipyards – Naval Constructions

We offer experience and professionalism in our work.

The world of the Llaud.

We build different models of Llaut/laud, the classic fisherman, the solarium, the cabinetry and the fast.

The construction of the llaut/laud even being in series, we can make the pertinent changes to the needs of our clients.

In some models we have modernized and updated it to the new times but always keeping the line and the nostalgia of the llaut/llaud.

We are also specialists in the construction of the unit, we can make the boat you want, measures, forms, distribution and without having a previous mold.

Our team comes from a long experience of construction in passenger boats, fishing, diving .... up to 29mts in length, some of them with a capacity of 400 people on board and glass bottom for your underwater vision.

As for repair and restoration of boats, we can do it all, polyester, wood, restoration of boats, treatment of osmosis, painting of boats, varnishes, stainless steel, mechanics, electricity, electronics, tanks, sale of material, waterproofing of cold rooms....

We will travel to the site of the repair if necessary.